It’s January. The Christmas lights are gone and the festive spirit with them. For the most people, January is the Monday of the whole year. But not for me. For me it’s an exciting month full of planning and setting new goals, also a lot of work that comes with it. I have my goals for this year clear in my head and want to realize them completely. Therefore I begin to chase and work for them right at the beginning of the year.

Some things in my life are already great: I have true friends and a beautiful family that support me, a super loving boyfriend, a job that I love, some booked and planned trips for this year I’m excited about and hundreds of ideas for some project that I participate in. I’m in a good physical condition and I have so much energy, so nothing can’t stop me from reaching my goals for this year. Can’t complain.. my life is pretty awesome right now.

Also, It’s my birthday in a few days and I don’t relate to the number 27…Don’t really feel the age. How should I even feel? I don’t know… it’s just a number. My sentence for years now is the same: “F O R E V E R 2 1” 🙂 anyway..I’m excited for my birthday, but don’t make a big of a deal out of it. I don’t want/need presents, all I want (as cheesy as it sounds) is just to be that day with the right persons and just continue with everything that I love in my life.

At the end of the year, I want to make a review of the whole year and share it with you. Can’t wait!

Hope you  had a wonderful start to the new year and already started to chase your dreams  😊

Photo: Blaž Fortuna


– ZARA MEN jacket – PULL & BEAR mom jeans – ROMWE top – H&M hat-


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