First things first: Happy new year from KAOZ

This blogpost is of course a recap of 2018 and a outfit post. I have never worn skirts in winter, especially not short ones, so I decided to make some changes (you know: “new year, new me” :P) so I found the perfect one in C&A. The color, patter and the design just fits me. Anything else on me is the same. Don’t get confused I still got my long hair.

In 2018 I had overcome some stressful challenges at work in the travel agency, been to 3 trips with graduation students which btw where better than mine back in 2009, became an ant for the second time, had to go zip lining, bought 20+ shoes, got a new tattoo, found the perfect makeup foundation, been to Spring break festival for the 5.(and last) time, changed my gym place, finally learned proper skiing, celebrated the 3 anniversary with my boyfriend. And last but not least – traveled to NYC with my sis and my best friend and starting the brand WOWBOW.

In 2019 my goal is simple: Continue! Continue to live, love and create the life I want. With the right people by your side and the willpower everything is possible.

Love, love & love



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