This blog post is all about my baby! Yes, you see right! My WOW BOW (my baby). It’s my handmade product that I have designed and that I create and produce together with my mom and my uncle.

It’s my very first project that I’ve been working on for many months now..
The idea of it was very spontaneous:
Last year my mom was last minute searching for gifts for Christmas for my boyfriend and my sisters boyfriend. So she decided to get each a wooden bow tie. You could easily find them on Christmas markets in Ljubljana but it was too late to get them, so we had the idea to ask our uncle to make the wooden part and my mom would saw the ribbon.. 3 hours later the bows where made!
After that they made more of these and my mom gave them to all male members in our family circle… I was sure to make something out of it but didn’t wanted to stick only with men bows, as there are plenty of wooden bows on the market. And then the idea came to me. Why make wooden bows only for men? I wanted to make them for women!

After that I took every free weekend to come home and do the design and saw until I had the perfect bowtie and my mom helped me with it. In this process I have transformed them 100 times in order to look the way I want them. My uncle was super fast with making the wooden part of the bow, so it kept me motivated to also do my part. I finally had them done and wanted to share them with the world. The best way was going on a market with handmade products and so did I…
After this positive experience and feedback, it gave me the motivation to keep on going.

My WOW BOW is a family handmade product that is made with lots of love and that teach me a lot in the process of making it. It still does..

WOW BOW is fun and fab! And so are young women today.

The bows are available on Etsy shop: THEWOWBOW

Let’s connect and be bff’s:
Instagram @thewowbow
Facebook @thewowbowtie

Hope you like the styling and the bows as much as I do 🙂

Xo, Katja

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