A midi dress with a little romance.

Long time no see.. Yes, for a reason. My job needs my attention more than ever now as the season of our festivals and trips is here.
We work hard to manage everything till the start, but even if we work extra hours and it get’s hard sometimes, there is always time for fun! And that’s way I love my job! You know how they say: work hard – play hard and that’s totally a motto to live by.

Real fun was last weekend when we did the 6. Spring Break Island festival on Pag island (I have been to the last 5). Me and my girls were there for 4 days and have worked only the first one, so we enjoyed the rest of the days on the island.
I couldn’t wait to come back to the Croatian coast. Every year now when the festival begins, for me also summer begins. On the way to, or from Pag, we always have the tradition to stop by a spot on the road Velebit that has a magical and breath taking view. It would really be a sin not to take some photos there. I was wearing the cutest and dress that brings a little romance out in me and it’s from Romwe. I got along time ago and only waited for the occasion to wear it. For me, this is the ultimate summer dress. I added sandals in light blue and some jewellery to make the look complete. How do you like it??? I mean the romantic view:P

Xo Katja


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