When it comes to “ladylike” manners I’m the last one who you can compare to. I’m everything, but not ladylike.

In situations where my manners needed to be on the high level, I really have to contain my self to not pull out jokes, because I have the need to bring someone to laugh ( I got this from my father). I like being silly and it is the way I am since my childhood. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to be respected and take seriously, BUT whenever I can, I joke, laugh and be 100% me.

However, I like to dress like a lady, cause’ it gives me the feeling of being an adult. When I do – dress like this, I make sure that the styling is still young and fits my character.

Hope you like it 🌸

P.s.: when you want to make a bubblegum, don’t use Mentos gums, cause’ it won’t work :D!


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