What are your wishes for this day? Is it a romantic valentines dinner or spa for the two of you, a small present or maybe a x -box or phone 😆 ?
I luckily don’t have any wishes for this day as I receive surprises all the time for no reasons… like sticky notes on the pillow with cute messages, self made videos of best moments together, a warm cacao after the shower, hugs during a walk, surprise visit I don’t expect, coupons for fotoshoots (hahaha) and my most favorite thing – just to spent as much quality time as possible with the one I love. I feel valentines day is everyday and everyone should feel that too.

I just wanted to wish you as many wonderful valentines days as possible during the year ❤️😊

My  V-day outfit is bellow. Xo


-Dress Stradivarius – shoes H&M-

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