70’s vibe


I had the best time shooting this look last saturday with the beautiful young lady – Katja Grobelnik. I have fell in love with her work she shows on her instagram account  @portraits.by.katja and have manage to get (forced 😁) her to come to ljubljana.
I got inspired from the 70’s and wanted to create a modern 70’s look on the top of the hotel Intercontinental Ljubljana.
I think this outfit is super wearable. Also, I’m kinda obsessed with hoop and all kind of big earings lately as I have bough at leat 6 pair in the last 6 months. I think it’s my thing and I will show some more looks with them.
I hope u like the styling ✌🏼

– Top River island – Mom jeans Bershka – Earings H&M



For  woman’s day I got little inspired and have created a simple T-shirt with a strong message that is actually a fact. Its also because of the WAGS on E!  witch effected me with the: “guuurl you look good”,  every time they see each other 😀

It is a fact that girls and women’s simply rule. They rule their make-up, their bodies, their household, their multitasking, their careers, their monthly periods, their relationships, their classiness,  ups and downs and many more.

Few of my girls rule the this T- shirt like they rule their world. Each and one of them is fabulous, bad ass and know their word.

And that all together is what this day is actually about and for that matter we celebrate it.

Happy Women’s day !


What are your wishes for this day? Is it a romantic valentines dinner or spa for the two of you, a small present or maybe a x -box or phone 😆 ?
I luckily don’t have any wishes for this day as I receive surprises all the time for no reasons… like sticky notes on the pillow with cute messages, self made videos of best moments together, a warm cacao after the shower, hugs during a walk, surprise visit I don’t expect, coupons for fotoshoots (hahaha) and my most favorite thing – just to spent as much quality time as possible with the one I love. I feel valentines day is everyday and everyone should feel that too.

I just wanted to wish you as many wonderful valentines days as possible during the year ❤️😊

My  V-day outfit is bellow. Xo


-Dress Stradivarius – shoes H&M-


When it comes to bags and backpacks I’m more of an “pick black because it goes to everything” kind of person. It’s practical not to worry about if it suits to an outfit. This backpack that I found at the online store YDENTITY is everything, but most of all It’s BLACK 😀

Check the whole outfit bellow:

– Coat ZARA – Boots DR. MARTENS – Pullover STRADIVARIUS – Backpack YDENTITY –


It’s January. The Christmas lights are gone and the festive spirit with them. For the most people, January is the Monday of the whole year. But not for me. For me it’s an exciting month full of planning and setting new goals, also a lot of work that comes with it. I have my goals for this year clear in my head and want to realize them completely. Therefore I begin to chase and work for them right at the beginning of the year.

Some things in my life are already great: I have true friends and a beautiful family that support me, a super loving boyfriend, a job that I love, some booked and planned trips for this year I’m excited about and hundreds of ideas for some project that I participate in. I’m in a good physical condition and I have so much energy, so nothing can’t stop me from reaching my goals for this year. Can’t complain.. my life is pretty awesome right now.

Also, It’s my birthday in a few days and I don’t relate to the number 27…Don’t really feel the age. How should I even feel? I don’t know… it’s just a number. My sentence for years now is the same: “F O R E V E R 2 1” 🙂 anyway..I’m excited for my birthday, but don’t make a big of a deal out of it. I don’t want/need presents, all I want (as cheesy as it sounds) is just to be that day with the right persons and just continue with everything that I love in my life.

At the end of the year, I want to make a review of the whole year and share it with you. Can’t wait!

Hope you  had a wonderful start to the new year and already started to chase your dreams  😊

Photo: Blaž Fortuna


– ZARA MEN jacket – PULL & BEAR mom jeans – ROMWE top – H&M hat-



What better way to conquer the cold days? PULLOVERS.
I love pullovers and wear them on a daily basis. They are just perfect for any occasion, eather at home, at work, for a coffee meeting, festive occasion or dinner with friends and family.

There might not be a lot of room in my closet as it is, but I’m sure that one or two (or three hundred) more treasure pieces will always find their way in my possession.. 🙂

I selected and shot a few of my favorites, in colours that I currently like and that are fun to wear.  I wanted to share them in my last post this year. So here they are – my top 4 pullovers:

– Cozy New York sweater – Pull and Bear –


– The Golden shiny pullover – H&M –



– Black elegant pullover with a bow on the back – Romwe –



– The DIY “embrace TheKaoz” pullover – Romwe –


For the end I hope you had a wonderful year and let the year 2018 be filled with joy and magic.



Another year is coming to an end and that means celebration. We don’t celebrate it only one day, not even one weekend, but the whole month. Spending time with your boy/girl friend, your family, partying with co-workers or friends. Its a time when the champagne flows in rivers and the food is just not enough. And (the best part) it’s a time when we can glam ourselves to the maximum. Shiny dresses, four coats, hiiiigh heels and an excuse more to have an appointment by your nail artist and hair dresser. I l o v e i t …also the excitement and process to glam myself <3

My look to go for the festive season is a classy knotted dress that has s shiny look and fits perfectly my body, black heels, ear detail and a little black bag. I like my hair a little wavy, just right to casually move to the music.  Xo Katja

– Dress Zara – Heels Stradivarius – Bag ASOS – Jacket Stradivarius – 


Winter feels real when the snow shows up. Probably not an ordinary style for this time (or ever 😀 ), but I like to mix and match the stuff in my closet to create a style I like. These wedges are everything. Not the usual winter shoes but it’s cool to walk in the snow with them and also don’t get cold feed 😀 I bought them in Budapest last month and they are super cozy! The bomber jacket from Boohoo is a must have this season. I love when the fashion world creates winter collections that look good and keep you warm! For this look, I have combined mom jeans and a shirt that comes with a cute corset which I got in H&M to make the outfit look more classy. Hope you like it as much as I do. Xo Katja


Oh it’s almost December and I can’t wait for this month to start. Every year around Holidays season, I decide to break some personal rules and routines, to be able to spend and have more quality time with my friends and family. These routines are like going to the gym after work or rules like not eat too much and treat myself with some yummy stuff these days. I just think there are more important things than gaining a little weight just to miss out fun times. Just grab the Mulled wine, walk down the Christmas market, eating at some fine restaurants and enjoy Ljubljana with my lovely people I care about. For me, this is the best end of the year and it is important to end it with love and joy.  I’m obsessed with how my town is decorated during winter time. There is one more thing I am obsessed with these days too… It is this teddy bear coat from H&M. It’s super cozy and also fun to wear. I have worn it for the first time in Budapest last weekend and I’m so thankful that I got it, so it kept me warm. Lately, I wear this coat a lot because it is super wearable an I can wear it with any combination: either with jeans and a pullover, a casual dress or just with some jogging pants and a hoodie. I just love the way how you can combine everything with it. And therefore it is my must-have piece for this winter. The black leather trousers from Boohoo and the black velvet top with little shiny details – also from H&M making the festive look completely. I hope you like my simple look in the middle of Budapest. Xo Katja




Ugotavljam, da je to leto zame bilo posejano z večimi načrtovanimi in tudi nenačrtovanimi izleti. Hvaležna sem za vsako novo odkrito državo in mesto v katero sem prišla. Na verjetno zadnji destinaciji letos in po moje tudi najlepši, sem bila prejšnji vikend.

V sodelovanju s potovalno agencijo Collegium na kateri delam in s katero prirejamo največja novoletna praznovanja v različnih mestih po Evropi, sem imela priložnost obiskati eno izmed naših destinacij. Ta destinacija je bila Budimpešta.

Moje navdušenje nad tem je bilo izjemno. Izlet sem skrbno načrtovala, saj sem v dveh dneh želela doživeti vse lepote in znamenitosti tega mesta. Da pa moja lepa in nepozabna izkušnja raziskovanja Budimpešte ne bi ostala le na fotoaparatu in v mislih, sem jo želela deliti z vami.

Takoj po prihodu sem obiskala glavno tržnico – Budapest Central Market. Tržnica je velika pokrita hala in ponuja lokalne dobrote in značilne madžarske izdelke. Vse naokrog diši po salamah, svežem sadju in zelenjavi. Najdeš veliko izbiro oblek, obutve, spominkov in njihove ročno vtkane okrasne prte. Pa palinko, da ne pozabimo.

Ne moremo mimo bazilike Sv. Štefana, ki je tako veličastna in ogromna, da ti vzame dih. Dih mi je v Budimpešti jemalo neštetokrat.  Da boste vedeli o čem govorim se sprehodite po spodnjih slikah.

Cerkev svetega Štefana – Szent István templom


Ribiška trdnjava – Halászbástya in Matjaževa cerkev Mátyás templom

 Trg junakov -Hősök tere

Széchenyjev verižni most

Most svobode

Navdušena sem nad tem mestom. Ponuja avtentično kulinariko, neštete shoping ulice, trge in četrti, katere lahko raziskuješ, da o arhitekturi ne govorimo. Ta pride do izraza še bolj v temi, ko se vse razsvetli <3

Budimski grad

Po Londonu in Dunaju je letos marca tudi Budimpešta dobila svoj tako imenovani »eye« .



Na večjih trgih ponujajo pečene rolade – Chimmey cake, katere sicer izvirajo iz predela Romunije, kjer so Madžarsko govoreča manjšina, vendar jo je sedaj možno najti že po večih mestih po Evropi. Posujejo jih z lešniki, čokolado ali sladkorjem. Saj ne moreš kar mimo, ko tako zadiši po vročih slaščicah.

Na mojem spisku želja je bil madžarski golaž v bombetki in..

..langaš -langoš, ki je tipična madžarska jed oz. ocvrto testo, ki ga najpogosteje jedo s sirom in česnom.

Zaradi pomanjkanja časa sem izpustila obisk slavnih termalnih bazenov in pa vožnjo z ladjico. Sem pa uspela pokukati v nočno življenje.  V centru mesta je ulica oz. prehod, ki je dolg skoraj kilometer in v katerem so najrazličnejši bari: angleški pubi, rock bari, karaoke bari, retro bari,- res ni da ni. Noro je dejstvo, da lahko pub crowl doživiš v eni ulici.

Čeprav sem tak preživela malo časa, sem veliko doživela. Zato vsem tistim,  ki raziskovanje mesta želijo združiti z žurom, to destinacijo vsekakor priporočam.

Novo leto je zelo blizu, tako kot Budimpešta 🙂 Collegium ponuja tudi druge zanimive destinacije, kjer lahko svoje novoletno praznovanje združiš še v izlet in doživiš nekaj nepozabnih dni. Preveri ponudbe in programe na strani: Collegium novo leto in si zagotovi svoje čarobno raziskovanje BUDIMFEŠTE z zgodoviskimi termami, navdihujočimi ulicami in nepozabnimi party-i.

Ker kot modna blogerka nikakor nisem morala mimo tega, da nebi to čudovito mesto izkoristila še za kakšno modno objavo … ta sledi kmalu 😉

Köszönet Budapest/Hvala Budimpešta!